The trailer for Hansal Mehta’s much awaited and internationally acclaimed Omerta starring Rajkummar Rao was just released at an event in Delhi today. The film revolves around the life of Omar Saeed Sheikh, a British- Pakistani terrorist.

Expectations were already high when we got a first look at Rajkummar Rao’s character and needless to say, the trailer left us excited, and with goosebumps as we got a glimpse into the twisted, nightmarish tale of an terrorist.

The trailer opens with a shot of a brooding Rajkummar and a voice over that warns him from being swayed by his emotions. This is followed by a minute and a half long montage of him travelling around the world, disguising himself under a false name and honing his body into a weapon.

However, the most iconic scene in the trailer comes near the end, where we see the actor calling himself the saviour. This is a truly chilling scene, as we see a merciless terrorist who believes in his cause and thinks he is right. Rajkummar Rao delivers a performance that sends chills down our spines, as a character we can’t help but loathe.

Omerta Trailer
Omerta Trailer

Shot in London and India, the movie talks about state-sponsored terrorism, and tells us about Omar’s involvement in some of the most devastating terrorist attacks to have occured in recent history.

At the trailer launch today, Mehta said, “Omertà exposes state-sponsored terrorism and how it manipulates young minds into believing a sordid interpretation of Jihad. Terror is all about power. Packed screenings at film festivals around the world were met with shocked silence and often anger. I am expecting similar reactions from the audience to this shocking tale.”

Rajkummar too, shared his experience, “Omerta is among the most researched films that I have worked on till date. We actually visited some of the places frequented by Omar in London during his transformation from an LSE graduation student to becoming this deadly terrorist. I needed to feel and touch this man’s past – to ingest him. It was not an easy journey for me to take.”

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