Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 is one of the most awaited films of 2018. The release date of the film is getting delayed and it’s raising the curiosity bar amongst the fans!

After the teaser of 2.0 got leaked online, the makers have released a making video of the film which showcases the high octane visual effects (VFX). 2.0 in the sequel to Shankar’s 2010 release Enthiran.

In the video, we can see the director Shankar and the members from the VFX and design team talk about the kind of efforts and hard work which is gone into making this film. They also talk about their memorable experiences of working on this film.

Making Of 2.0 VFX Video
Making Of 2.0 VFX Video

Speaking about his experience and VFX effects, Akshay Kumar said, “Making Shankar sir’s vision comes to life was by far the most gratifying part of my job. My first though was ‘How are they going to pull off something like this and create something like this which is impossible?’ I have never experienced such a VFX before. To be honest, it is very challenging to keep your imagination alive. You start off excited with the project but once you have seen enough green mats around, you start turning green in your head. But Shankar sir keeps everyone on the edge of the harness, literally. It is easy to stay inspired when you have the greatest Indian visionary on top his every move.”

Further director Shankar also expressed his thoughts on the VFX, he said, “In 2.0, there is an equally strong character opposite Chitti. So, naturally, the amount of VFX is double of what we had in Robot. The imagination is very wild and huge, and it can be created by VFX only. We approached concept artists to draw all the characters and every object. I picked the ones which were close to my imagination and then later converted them into a rough 3D model. The pre-visualisation was new and a very fun way to communicate with the entire team.”

The VFX Supervisor, Srinivas Mohan went on to say that comparing 2.0 with the first part, first part looks like a teaser. He said, “2.0 is much bigger than the first part. Comparing 2.0 with the first part, first part looks like a teaser. In 2.0, we have introduced virtual camera.”

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