DC Extended Universe recently released 4-minute long trailer for their answer-to-Avengers film Justice League. Starring Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Mille, Ray Fisher and a team of bad asses Justice League brings back the age of heroes.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice showed the end of Superman in the climax of the film but can even a god die? The World is mourning the loss of their superhero Superman as Ben Affleck aka Batman creates a new league to fight the evil.

Watch the trailer:

Justice League's Comic Con Trailer Brings Back The Age Of Heroes
Justice League’s Comic Con Trailer Brings Back The Age Of Heroes

Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman has shown her potential in her latest released standalone film and she is kicking some asses with her charm in this one too. Jason Momoa aka Aquaman is a surprise package DCEU has been holding up since a long time. Ezra Miller aka Flash is in the film to up the fun quotient as Spiderman does for Avengers. There can be a lot of parallels drawn between Avengers and Justice League but in the end, both are completely different films.

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The trailer also mentions both Kryptonians and the Green Lantern Corp, but alas it’s just a mention and can nowhere be seen in the promo. But it’s clear the team will have a benefit of this. There have been a lot of speculations of whether it can reach the mark of entertainment set by Avengers or it’ll be another Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad in DCEU’s kitty.

The film’s creative heads came out with a super innovative poster displaying the symbols of all the superheroes creating their trademark quote – You Can’t Save The World Alone. The film is directed by Zack Snyder but he stepped out of the film back in May due to personal reason and Joss Whedon took over the proceedings from there. It is scheduled to release on November 17th.

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