Divya Khosla Kumar is surely one of the prettiest directors Bollywood has ever got. When she starred opposite Akshay Kumar in Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo, everyone expected her to continue her acting career but she vanished after that.

Making her directorial debut with Yaariyan, Divya resumed her journey with an all-new position. She featured in a couple of songs in between to make us feel how she has the ability to charm everyone away with her innocence. She is back donning the hat of an actor but in a short film titled as Bulbul.

Directed by Ashish Panda, who also was an assistant director on Divya’s movies Yaariyan and Sanam Re, this 25-minute short movie is about its super-sweet antagonist Bulbul (Divya Khosla Kumar). She does not speak much verbally but her eyes are enough to build up long & deep conversations.

Divya Khosla Kumar Charms You Away With Her Innocence In Bulbul
Divya Khosla Kumar Charms You Away With Her Innocence In Bulbul

Bulbul is a trained dancer and loses to her colleague Sweety (Elli Avram) to participate in a dancing championship. Sweety gets a chance to take a part in the championship with the love of Bulbul’s life Shiv Pandit. Bulbul’s innocent love for this guy & how he ignores her is the soul of the story. There is a message of how in love we have to make some sacrifices which is served well towards the end of the movie.

Raju Singh has given the background score of the film which goes well with the scenes. Overlay music in sync with the scenes makes them look complete. Meet Bros has composed Tere Bin O Saajana in the film which is situational tensing up the mood of the film.

The most special thing about the film is, it is penned by the legend Late Kundan Shah. Shot in some picturesque locations of Shimla, the movie never wants you to believe you are watching a short film.

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