After the smacker moment between Donna and Harvey, the real question is how will the latter come to terms with his emotions? With the ups and downs Harvey has dealt with, dating his therapist Paula had finally shifted him into a happy space. With Donna’s unpredictable act, Harvey is muddled and is put off-guard.

With the attempt to keep things normal Harvey discusses Mike’s promotion with Donna. Will her unexpected thumbs down reaction for Mike’s elevation to Senior Partner put Harvey and Mike’s everlasting friendship on the line? Will Harvey’s complicated situation affect Mike’s future at Specter-Litt?

Harvey promote Mike as Senior Partner sans Donna’s approval
Suits S07 E11 Preview: Will Harvey Turn The Bad Man?

This week’s episode left a lot of intriguing questions, and with Mike and Rachel departing the show, the twists and turns are umpteen.

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