2.0 Movie Review Rating: 4/5 Stars (Four stars)

Star Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson

Director: S. Shankar

2.0 Movie Review: Shankar BLOWS Your Mind & Moves Your Heart!
2.0 Movie Review: Shankar BLOWS Your Mind & Moves Your Heart!

What’s Good: If we’re talking here about the looks of the film, then EVERYTHING, the emotional angle works very well & A.R. Rahman’s background score elevates the adrenaline pumping moments.

What’s Bad: Only if I’ve to nitpick, there were some moments which might not please a certain section (that rhymes with ludo-ineffectuals) but who cares? This is SHATTERING records!

Loo Break: Considering the budget as 550 crores, every minute of this film costs over 3 and a half crores. Do you really wanna bear that loss?

Watch or Not?: Even if you’re someone who hasn’t seen the darkness of a theatre in your lifetime, let this be your first film experience in the cinema hall. If you want to watch it on your phone, please don’t!

User Rating:

The story of 2.0 is so simple that it could be explained in two lines but I’ll not tell either of them just because I want everyone to experience this first-hand. Without any spoilers, let’s just say Dr Waseegaran has a new robot in Nila (Amy Jackson) and she’s breathtakingly beautiful to start with. Waseegaran wants Chitti back but because of back-door politics, this becomes a tough task.

Chitti comes back to fight Pakshi Raja (Akshay Kumar) and no my friends that’s not a spoiler. The entire story revolves around this entertaining face-off. But what makes it different is the cause because of which this delightful chaos is created on screen. [Now, that’s the limit to which I can convince you to go to see the film, without talking anything about the story. Please go!]

2.0 Movie Review: Shankar BLOWS Your Mind & Moves Your Heart!
2.0 Movie Review: Shankar BLOWS Your Mind & Moves Your Heart!

2.0 Movie Review: Script Analysis

S. Shankar’s story revolves around his magnanimous vision which never goes out of sight from the first second till the last. Everything happening on screen is lo larger than life, along with keeping you intrigued, it keeps you surprising every moment. Two of friends, who don’t understand the language, watched the film in Tamil at 6 am at Rajinikanth’s home theatre in Mumbai & they loved it like anything.

This speaks all! Those who don’t even understand a single word of Tamil were intrigues till the end – imagine watching this in your own language. Anthony’s editing somewhere drags and a bit more tightness would’ve crisped the core of the story. This requires another mini film which should just talk about all the efforts invested behind this visual spectacle.

2.0 Movie Review: Star Performance

There are many movies which speak a lot about how Rajinikanth as an actor is but this one is special. This makes you feel why he’s one of those stars who should never age. This 67-year-old SUPERSTAR, Thalaivar, puts his everything for 2.0 & not for a second you’ll believe he has reached this age. RESPECT! Please don’t age like this, forever.

Akshay Kumar fans! This is for you. Yes, he has a limited screen presence but to dominate the scenes in-front of Rajinikanth is not everyone can do. His quirky antics clicks very well. He nails the emotional angle developing the connect with his character. Amy Jackson is a treat to your eyes. She has delivered a good performance. Supporting cast was just about average including Adil Hussain but the movie isn’t about them.

2.0 Movie Review: Direction, Music

Baahubali 2 was something which was referred to as the parameter when grandness of movies was concerned, but Shankar has shattered that bar catapulting to levels no one can reach anytime soon now. I loved how there was an equal mixture of VFX & story; neither of them outshines each other. Every penny of the budget is totally justified. [PLEASE WATCH IT IN 3D for the best experience]

A.R. Rahman’s background score goes very well with the awe-inspiring happenings on screen. Yes, I missed a memorable signature theme song but no major complaints because the visuals will occupy your entire attention. Songs aren’t memorable, they don’t have to be.

2.0 Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, 2.0 is a fully fledged package having a good looking body & a soul to which you’ll connect instantly. There’s a lot for both Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar fans; not a single person will leave theatres half-heartedly. A MUST WATCH in cinema halls! (if possible – 3D).

Four Stars!

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2.0 Movie releases on 29th November 2018.

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  1. Wait for zero! It will surely be a 5 star movie. Srk will be again the king of box office and real bollywood king. Zero will crush the 2.0 and everyother records ?. Wait for zero. East or West, Srk is the best

    • I’m a big fan of SRK-KING ? KHAN….bt I’m not a blind fan….it’s impossible for any movie ?of India to break records of 2.0….wait n watch dear…..records are different thing.Enjoy every movie ??

  2. What a review…..every word of this review section blow my mind….and my heart comes in my mouth…..?? now I can say that 2.0 will definitely collect more than 600 Cr and many more ??

  3. Ahhh…Another paid review from Koimoi.
    I just don’t understand how can you give 4/5 to this crap?
    This film is neither Sci-fi nor Horror. Its just another vengeance film with ordinary predictable plot and some good VFX. Many scenes are copied from Hollywood films too.

    • Are u watching this movie ? now…..if not then plz tell me when u watch this movie…..plz mention show timing (??) ??

    • 2.0 talked about fifth force/ Auro +ve /Auto -ve / Finite Grammar-Turing machine concepts (Robot multiplying itself based
      on a spec/template) and Electro-Magnetic Radiations. Its prequel (Robo) talked about Artificial Intelligence, Search algorithms.

      I dont understand what else you need for a sci-fi film.

  4. Admin says must watch….means must watch…..believe me …..if u watch one time then u will definitely go to cinema hall again fr 2.0…..this movie ? will not THUG ur valuable money ? and time ???? prefer cinema hall not ur phone ??

  5. Rahul – Don’t compare 2.0 & Zero. Zero might do bigger business in Hindi Language but overall, 2.0’s business will be much higher (all language).
    Ashant – If this is not Sc-fi, then what is the exact idea of Sci-fi to you? And who on the earth told you that this would be a horror movie? Also, we are fine with inspired/copied scenes as long as it succeeds in entertaining us. Story line was clear from the promos itself, Probably, you went with wrong expectations from movie.

  6. Why should I waste my Rs 300 on movie like this? It might cost production team 500 cr rupees. They have money to spend but I don’t have extra money•

  7. Worst review worst movie.. Its can be tell in 6c many ghost storys but 600c for this what is there in movive no solution no emotion no songs if u justlove vxf we seen 100s of English movies. To stop Akshay he black mail him what a taleted script and u says go and watch. Wow. Heroin acted? Whrere in which scene u seen her acting omg i never expected reviews like this from u

  8. mind blowing movie for me and for everyone in the hall it was housefull in delhi and everyone should watch because movie like this is not a movie which you can make daily ???

    Totally Worth Money and time

  9. Bro… What did you smoke before writing this review. The movie is grotesque with a very generic story line , a jaded Rajinikanth , over the top side characters and that 500 cr VFX. Yes !! The worst part of the movie is it’s VFX. Half of the movie a bird (made from phones ) is flying here and there and you feel so disinterested in the story. During the climax , director contradicts his own preaching by showing hero trying to kill birds. All-in-all a very avoidable movie.

  10. ‘2.0’ हो चुकी है आज रिलीज। जानिये ओपनिंग डे पर मिला कितना जबरदस्त रिस्पॉन्स?

  11. I am fully convinced that KOI MOI is one of the worst paid sites as far as reviews are concerned i mean i could not watch this film and had to take Panadols to get relief from severe headache and KOIMOI says it has all soul and i dont know what filth i have seen shankars extraordinary creations of which Indian and Sivaji were the best certainly not this 2.0 flick i mean there is nothing in the movie only graphics and people are crying out that the VFX is better than hollywood movies come on morons just think before declaring everybody is patriotic and i am too excited coz i come from the south Chennai so i should be the first one to feel proud coz Tamil cinema gives some of the best content which no other language gives in India even Bollywood but when you ask me about 2.0 i must say this hyped up movie is loud with strain to your eyes which gives you nothing but severe headache but i am sure the loyal Rajni fans will standby him and make is blockbuster but KOI MOI be honest in your reviews dont take money and fool the viewers its not good

  12. 2.0 is very good movie, it is already hit in all languages versions now. Everyone should take part to encourage Indian cinema to make more such big movies specially people who are very much behind English movies. we can’r compare 2.0 to any Indian movie. Great effort which is paid off. Happy for its results.

  13. Besides the amazingly amazing special effects(where Indian movies are concerned)”2.0″ is an extremely ordinary film with everything and everyone being very awful except Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson who were both quite competent in their respective roles.
    Shankar is a horrible director who reminded me of the Ramsay brothers when it came to executing his skills in this particular department .
    Like Shankar,Rajnikant is a very very poor actor and I am baffled as to how a man based on a few mannerisms/styles/gesticulations can be arguably South India’s if not, India’s No.1 star!
    Well the Hindi film has a uselessly useless actor called Salman Khan who’s a highly successful star,so I guess this is a pan India problem, so i should not be alarmed at how mediocrity receives so much of success and acclaim in India
    Like most Indian big budget films the script was very poor and almost non existent.
    If you are keen to watch wonderful special effects in an Indian movie then go for it,if not there are a lot of good shows on Netflix etc.

  14. Umesh I really appreciate your reviews .So I frequently read it.But this time I completely disagree with you. It’s definitely not a 4 star film. Effort & intentions are good.But it went wrong. I can see how they wasted 542 crore to make this crap. Don’t know how you liked it umesh. I almost read all your reviews ,first time I feel you are not honest this time.

  15. the concept of this movies is really great and vfx is also awesome. one thing I don’t like about this movies is when Akshay Kumar became “PAKSHI RAJAN”
    overall the movie is awsome


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