Smitten by the box office bug? Don’t miss reading our compilation of highest grossing Bollywood movies this year.

Well, here’s the latest update on ‘Top 10 Highest Grossers of 2017’. So far, 5 films have managed to make it to the 100 crore club, which are Bollywood films – RaeesKaabilJolly LLB 2Badrinath Ki Dulhania and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. The 5th one to enter the coveted list is Salman Khan’s Tubelight.

Check out the Top 10 Highest Grossers of this year:

RankIndia Nett (Cr)
1. Baahubali 2: Hindi511.30
2. Raees139.00
3. Kaabil126.85
4. Tubelight121.25
5. Jolly LLB 2117.00
6. Badrinath Ki Dulhania116.60
7. Hindi Medium 69.00
8. Half Girlfriend 60.28
9. Jagga Jasoos53.38*
10. Sachin: A Billion Dreams50.81

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    • Lol. Last year, only 8 films crossed the 100 crore threshold. the 3rd highest earner was MS Dhoni with 133 crores. So pretty sure Raees will be in the top 5 by the end of the year, Kaabil too will be in the top 10, probably 8-9th.

      • But this year will have more 100 crore movies… I don’t think Raees will be able to stay in the top 5 given the fact the Salman has 2 movies releasing this year and SRK has another one.. Also you can’t ignore 2.0 and Padmavati.. So both Raees and Kaabil will prob be around 7-8 positions…

        • What do you think now Babbu? And what about all the self educated pundits who disliked my comment? Raees is still the highest earning ‘Bollywood’ movie of the year and it is almost 7 months over.

          • No body could have guessed the kind of response Tubelight got at start of the year. I am not giving any excuses or anything but I still stand by my comment and think Raees will fail to be in the Top 5 at the end of the year. There are a lot of big budget movies still yet to be released and I think they will be successful in proving me correct. As for your comment about your dislikes, that’s coz you deserved them. Prepare yourself to be proved wrong in the coming months. Adios.

          • Hallo raees will be at last because few more hits are coming ahead 1. Toilet ek prem khata 2 jagga 3. Badsahoo 4. Gentleman will cross 150 cr a big superstar like sharukh doent cross even 200 cr. Kya sharuk n salman kaam hogaya kya

    • hey koimoi …..why are you showing kaabil’s false collection….even you…….showing the false collection of raees to……….according to bollymovie reveiwz….kaabil collection…..stands around 100 crore….you bloody cheat

  1. kaabil ke sath agar raees release nehi karta toh raees ka box office collection shayad 300cr hota
    We all love team raees and specially my favourite king Khan❤❤

  2. I hope , I pray that Baahubali 2 Hindi version domestic will be 400cr+ ….. And all version worldwide will be 1200cr+ ……

  3. No movie can break BAAHUBALI’S record even if 3 khans work their ass off for a movie their movies are defenitely not good and worth watching i don’t know how it earns 200 & 300 cr may be because releasing it on festivals….i think BAAHUBALI 1 & 2 actors deserve more fan following,appreciation than those 3 assholes motherfucker Khans…also tollywood is better than bollywood…bollywood has been coping movies of south and remaking it….Tollywood always have produced good stories….I think bollywood should not get much fan following and recognization because they don’t deserve it & Prabhas has made all bollywood actors look like heroine ????

    Tollywood Rocks
    Bollywood ke logo ki maaa ki chut

  4. Khan Movies are utter disgusting they are for their religious zealots. It earns from their people. Baahubali 2 what a Grand Movie. Celebration & Triumph. Thank South Movies. We get a break from watching these over hyped, useless, mindless flicks of Khans. I have deleted anything belonging to Khans from my Laptop. We Indians have rich culture rather than watching the Khans hamming and bad acting.

  5. Hey don’t show down khan movies.but all of us respect their contribution.I like salman because of his good will of helping to poors as compared to both khans.shahrukh movie’s market is wider THAT’S why he get good collections even if his movies are below average or average.Aamir khan is a perfectionist he choose good scripts and presents it in excellent way by his talent,sallu bhai is a superb entertainer than an actor so people got fan of his mannerism and Entertainment.And other Bollywood actors have different skills like vidyut jamwal is a very good natural fighter.

  6. As coming to south Indian movies as from last 8 to 10 years they produce good innovative,creative stories with good acting skills by their actors.I like Mahesh babu,Prabhas,Surya,jr ntr,Allu Arjun etc because in their movies have all in all good storyline,emotions,comedy,sentiments,love.As prabhas previous movies like mr perfect,darling,chattrapathi shown good acting,surya is a versatile actor,Mahesh Babu movie srimanthudu has collected 150rs lifetime because of ground to earth storyline.

  7. please koimoi yaar kaabil ka collections kahan se 126.85 crore hai please change karo yaar.had hoti hai.ek toh bahubali2 ko top 10 list me dala hua hai waise hi filmon ko bohot struggle karna hoga ya to top 10 mein ane ke liye ya phir position banaye rakhne ke liye.2015 mein to bahubali list me hai nahi.kaabil kab collection 103.84 crore hai.iske chakkar mein bhi top 10 mein jo year ke end tak jo 10th position wali movie hogi na uska collection bhi 100cr. plus hi hoga.please yaar change this BKD abhi se hi 5th pe hai bahubali2 aur kaabil ki wajah se.warna abhi 3rd par hoti aur agar 30 lakhs+ kama leti toh second.yeh bollywood ki list hai isme south indian film ko kyun rakh rahe ho.bollywood ki toh aise iss saal koi highest grosser nahi hogi.pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssechanggggeeeee kar do.warna maujhe ab is site pe koi interest nahi hai.Ek to pehli baar varun dvn ki movie ne 116 crores+ business kiya hai aur woh bhi cheating ki wajah se shayad iss saal top 10 mein na rahe

  8. Do not ever expect koimoi to give Salman Khan movies a favorable review. He does not like Salman Khan and even before tubelight was released he wrote negative things. He measure success only by money. Regardless how many actors over the past 9 year who has had 11 back to back 100 crore films, none, yet he set out to discredit Salman Khan and some of the others whose films did not make money. Tubelight sits at no 6 for 2017 and the others are behind, your idea of failures is far beyond comprehension and is also downright stupid. The special need kids who saw the movie was overjoyed that they too would someday be able to achieve the heights of the character in the movie. So to tear down someone who shows that a slow person can have faith, hope and love is sad and tells me that these sorts of person have no humanity. Just was the same with the message of Jai Ho if you practice the message you would be amazed as how much God will bless you.

  9. As for the movie Bahuabli after 15 minutes the kids ask to leave because of the horrific violence exhibited in the movie, people with humanity don’t like such movies but then to each his own, it is and will always be a matter of preference. So don’t dictate to others what they should like and don’t like.

  10. no matter at but a south film has changed the figures.. ow the honors is on bollywood to bet the 500+cr record…


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