Sonam Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez are known to be the besties of B-town. Not often do you find two actresses to be friendly but these two are certainly inseparable.

When it comes to their careers, both have them been quite lucky to star in big budget films and with A-lister actors as well.

And, coming to their Solo releases, amongst the two, Jacqueline’s Roy has been the highest opener with a collection of 10.40 crores. On the other hand, Sonam’s highest has been this year’s Neerja with an opening collection of 4.7 crores.

Jacqueline also tasted success with her film, Murder 2 which opened with a collection of 6.5 crores.

Check out the opening day collection of Sonam Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez’s solo releases here:

ActorsFilmOpening Day Collection
Sonam KapoorNeerja4.7 crores
Aisha2.9 crores
Khoobsurat2.75 crores
Dolly Ki Doli2 crores
Jacqueline FernandezRoy10.4 crores
Murder 26.5 crores
AladinApprox 1 crore
Jaane Kaha Se Aayi HaiApprox 50 lacs

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  1. roy wasn’t a solo film. it had ranbir and arjun rampal remember. while neerja was purely on sonam’s shoulders. it had a first time director, don’t compare the two.

  2. Uhhh Roy and Murder 2 aren’t solo films. Roy had Ranbir Kapoor, a big star in his own right, while Murder 2 had Emraan Hashmi (also a star) who was on a career high at the time. Plus Jacqueline was hardly even in the film. If you include those, you’d have to include films like Delhi 6, Raanjhanaa, BMB for Sonam as well. Neerja, Dolly Ki Doli, Khoobsurat, Aisha are true blue female centric films. Other films you could possibly add to the list would be IHLS and Saawariya. Though they weren’t exactly female centric, Sonam, Imran and Ranbir were all relatively fresh faces and contributed equally to the films. Of course, Jacqueline is popular and successful too, but Sonam is bigger. She’s a much better actress (her Neerja was one of the best performances by a female actor in India in recent times) and is already an A-lister, while Jacqueline is a ‘promising star’. That aside, I love both and wish them all the luck for their future projects!


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