The format on which music is heard may have changed from cassettes to CD’s to digital over the last few years, but there are two things that have remained constant over the years. One, the love for melody and good music and two the domination of T-Series when it comes to music. While T-Series was always a leader in India, last year it also became the first music company to find a place in the Top 10 of ‘Youtube’s Most Viewed Channel list’.

It had a fantastic 2016 on Youtube with exponential growth and has beaten top channels like Justin Bieber who was on top of the Youtube’ Most Viewed Channel list last year to become the World’s No 1 Most Viewed Channel on Youtube.

T-Series beats Justin Bieber to become World’s No. 1 Music channel on Youtube
T-Series beats Justin Bieber to become World’s No. 1 Music channel on Youtube

The T-Series Youtube channel that has Bollywood focused videos were watched 7.3 billion times last year (with December 2016 alone crossing 892.5 million views). Bollywood music videos has a big audience across the world and the leadership of T-Series is a reflection of that.

An elated Chairman and Managing Director of T-Series Bhushan Kumar said, “Becoming the World’s No 1 Music channel on Youtube is very exciting and inspiring. It wants me to work even harder with my team. In 2016, we have 11 Bollywood films releasing in a period of just nine months, more than any other studio. With Bollywood gaining so much popularity amongst Indians and other World citizens globally, we can only grow further.”

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  1. Seriously!!! Justin Bieber is a single man, a single artist and his channel only features his music. And T-Series is record label with countless songs and artists. It’s like comparing apples with oranges. If you want to compare then compare Warner Music Group which owns artist channels like Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Skrilex, Linkin Park etc. Also T-Series has 10K+ music videos while Justin Bieber has 70-80 ‘music’ videos. Do not start comparing every little thing with western culture without proper analysis and research.


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