October trailer featuring Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu is finally out and many out there are confused with the plot of the film. Let’s do a breakdown of the trailer and see how this is not a love story that started at a first sight.

The first thing which I noticed about the trailer is not Varun Dhawan or Banita Sandhu, it’s the soul-stirring background score that stole my attention since its first second. We see Dan (Varun Dhawan) getting annoyed by a group of people because they fail to inform how Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) had asked about him. In the next frame, we see how Shiuli plucks the flower of her name inhaling the essence of it.

Dan and Shiuli are shown working for the same hotel and how Dan is particular about what he does. The mood of the trailer changes when the screen turns blank and displays ‘This is not a love story’ having ambulance sirens emerging in the background. We get to know how Shiuli is in the hospital, reason has been kept under the wraps. Dan (taking the cue from the starting of the trailer) is still confused why Shiuli had asked about him.

The story might revolve around how Dan explores his love for Shiuli while she is in the hospital facing some disease which has affected her memory. Dan, shattered with this incident, leaves everything aside and stays with Shiuli in the hospital with a hope she will recognize him. Everyone asks to leave him but he denies by saying “I am sorry, I am not leaving now”.

This is what the trailer shows and this is what I think might be the basic premise of the film. Varun Dhawan’s unrequited love for someone who is unable to recognize him. It could also be about whether he is successful in making her realise how much he loves her or they live together as strangers happily ever after.

As I said this is just a probable thought on what I think the story will revolve around. Shoojit Sircar is the man with many surprises and I am sure there is much more than what we have seen in the trailer.

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