With Salman Khan being convicted for the Blackbuck Poaching case, numerous Bollywood celebrities and friends of the actor have been expressing their disappointment in the Indian Judiciary. Known for his benevolent work throughout the years, and helping out fellow contemporaries, many believe that the actor should be acquitted.

So let’s take a look at some of the charitable work that Salman Khan has done in recent years.

Blackbuck Poaching Case: When Salman Khan Saved Dia Mirza's Mother's Life!
Blackbuck Poaching Case: When Salman Khan Saved Dia Mirza’s Mother’s Life!

1. As the founder of a trust named Being Human, which is reported to support 3 schools and has facilitated over 600 heart transplants for children. It also has a fashion brand, whose profits are used to run the trust.

2. In 2009, the actor auctioned some of his artworks in Dubai for whopping amounts of money, which he has donated to charity.

3. As a benevolent gesture, the actor once donated his bone marrow to an ailing girl desperately in need of a transplant.

4. In 2015, the actor saved the life of Dia Mirza’s mother. When her mother fell unconscious in their house, the actress called Salman who lived nearby, who rushed her mother to the hospital.

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  1. No one will be benifited after this decision.. Neither the Blackbuck nor the forest. You can find only in India jail after 20 years..

  2. Ridiculous reasoning. Does that mean anyone can commit a crime and do charity work to compensate the crime while dragging the case for 2 decades? Please be little more sensible koimoi team!

    • I agree with you. Salman need to accept the court judgement and respect the judiciary system. Be sincere as Sanjay Dutt for what he has done.


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